9 Best BSN Study Techniques

When it comes to success in your BSN program, you can be your own worst enemy or your own best advocate. Poor study habits can lead to work piling up and difficulty understanding increasingly complex concepts. With these BSN study techniques, you can improve your ability to retain and understand information. 

Get to know your learning style

Everyone learns differently and one of the best ways to study in your BSN program is to harness the power of learning effectiveness. For instance, if you’re an auditory learner, you should record your lectures and play them back. 

Break up your study time

Long study sessions are not only exhausting but ineffective. Over time, you lose focus and grow tired, which interferes with your ability to remember what you’re studying. Breaking up your studying into shorter spurts can ensure optimal learning and makes it easier to squeeze in a short study session into your busy life. 

Use the syllabus as a guide

You may not be able to memorize an entire course book, but your syllabus and study guide can provide a logical roadmap to the most essential concepts in your course. If you’re not provided a study guide, making one can help you synthesize the information and learn it better.

Avoid cramming

Your BSN prepares you for the NCLEX and for your career as a nurse. Though cramming may seem effective in the short-run, it’s not a good way to learn information in the long term. After your exam, you’ll instantly forget a lot of information that you’ll need to know later in your career.

Set achievable goals

Developing good BSN study techniques requires adequate planning. Creating a realistic and achievable study plan can help you avoid frustration and reduce your risk of falling behind. This can also ensure you don’t fall prey to procrastination. 

Keep up with the coursework

Difficult or lengthy BSN assignments might feel like unnecessary stress, but your coursework is preparing you for your exams and for your future. Keeping up with readings and assignments can reduce the amount of studying you have to do before an exam. 

Use your free time to study

It might seem like there’s not enough time in the day to do all the studying you need. But if you cut back on time spent on social media or watching TV, you’ll see that opportunities to study are everywhere.

Create a study group

The best way to learn something is to teach it. A study group can help you remember concepts by giving you opportunities to explain them to others. You can also rely on classmates to boost your understanding of topics that are difficult for you. 

Find a tutor

A qualified tutor can greatly improve your performance in your BSN program. They can provide one-on-one help with specific courses or concepts to help you overcome learning obstacles.

With these BSN study techniques, you can optimize the way you learn. If you make your study time count, you’re sure to succeed.

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