How to Prepare for Nursing School: 2023 Guide

Nursing is an extremely fulfilling career, but the academic journey toward a nursing career can be challenging. The surest way to succeed in nursing school is to be adequately prepared for your degree requirements and the demands of the career.

Do your research

Before enrolling in nursing school, you should envision your ideal future career and carefully research the kind of nursing degree you need to make your dreams a reality. For instance, your intended nursing career or specialty may require a BSN at a minimum rather than an ADN. On the other hand, your dream nursing job may be possible with just a PN degree. Carefully researching the education requirements for different nursing jobs and their corresponding salaries may help you narrow down the nursing degree that is right for you.

Find the right program for you

After you’ve narrowed down the type of degree, it’s time to choose a program. Not all nursing programs are created equal, and many students have different needs. First, you want to make sure that you enroll in accredited nursing programs that meet state requirements and will allow you to take the NCLEX. You may also want to look for programs that don’t have a wait list so you can begin your career sooner. If you’re a single parent or working full-time, you may be interested in programs that can be flexible to your other obligations. Other considerations include program cost and the quality of nursing simulation labs and clinical rotations. 

Take your finances into account

An important factor to consider when applying to nursing school is how you will pay for your education. Tuition is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make for your future, but not everyone can afford nursing school tuition along with their other financial obligations. Before you enroll, you should get to know the kinds of financial aid available to you. Scholarships, grants, and loans can help make your nursing education affordable. In some cases, this aid is the only thing that can make nursing school feasible.

Know what to expect

One way to prepare for nursing school success is to become acquainted with graduation requirements for your chosen program. You can do this by speaking to admissions representatives, researching online, or asking friends who are already nurses. Nursing programs typically involve a combination of theoretical coursework as well as lab and clinical rotations where you must apply practical knowledge. The timing and number of hours of each of these elements may vary. You may also want to find out whether you are able to do clinical rotations in your preferred specialty in order to make your nursing school experience more valuable. Understanding these requirements can help you better manage your time and prepare yourself for each challenge.  

Being adequately prepared means having as much information as possible to make the best career and educational choices. Through simple planning, you will avoid being blindsided and can better position yourself to succeed in nursing school.

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