Nursing, ADN


Associate in Science Degree consists of:

  • 81 Semester credits ((27 General Education and 54 Nursing)
  • 1650 classroom hours (930 lecture, 270 lab, and 450 clinical)
  • 115 weeks of academic instruction (approximately 28 months)


Antigua College International ADN program provides a comprehensive foundation of liberal arts and sciences and the nursing knowledge necessary for nursing practice and continuing professional education. It also provides the necessary skills and competencies for graduates to assume registered nurse practice positions in a broad base of healthcare agencies. Graduates of the Associates Degree in Nursing program are eligible to apply to take the NCLEX-RN exam. The student will be issued a degree upon successful completion of the program, meeting all course requirements and fulfilling all financial obligations to Antigua College International.

To prepare students who can:

  • Provide holistic nursing care based on knowledge from nursing and related disciplines to individuals and support person in carried healthcare settings.
  • Manage collaborative nursing care with health-team members through the effective and cost-effective use of human, physical, financial and technological resources.
  • Integrates communication principles and techniques with individuals, support persons and healthcare team members within professional practice.
  • Employs nursing process and critical thinking as a basis for professional decision making in individualized nursing care delivery.
  • Accepts responsibility and accountability for own nursing practice and for ongoing personal and professional development.
  • Demonstrates behaviors consistent with moral, ethical, legal and regulatory principles and guidelines.
  • Assumes professional nursing roles to resolve healthcare needs of individuals and support person in a variety of settings.
  • Utilizes evidence-based information for healthcare and related disciplines to provide safe nursing care and the information and skills necessary for optimal health.


General Education (27 credits)

Nursing Core (54 credits)

1Courses awarded to Foreign Medical Doctor
3Courses awarded to licensed LPN

Courses are not necessarily taught in the order presented. Antigua College International reserves the right to make changes to the program to stay abreast of changing industry standards. The program courses, exams, and all materials are presented in English.

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