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Program Overview

The purpose of this program is to prepare the student for employment as a practical nurse by providing the theoretical knowledge and clinical competence to obtain licensure and the standard of professionalism necessary for the successful practice of nursing. The college awards a certificate upon the successful completion of this Clock-Hour program. Practical Nursing is an intensive, full time program, which requires 1355 clock hours.


To prepare nurses who can:

  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal relationships with members of the health care team, patients and the community;
  • Applies the clinical competencies to function as a licensed practical Nurse;
  • Uses the nursing process to safely meet the health needs of the individual;
  • Incorporates the use of scientific principles in providing health care and promoting wellness;
  • Performs as an ethical, accountable and responsible member of the health care team’
  • Demonstrates behaviors and attitudes which contribute to successful employment;
  • Participates in organizations which contribute to improvement of self, community in nursing
  • Comprehends the necessity of participating in continuing education;
  • Recognizes the dimension of cultural factors which influence nursing practice.

1355 hours

560 lecture, 120 lab, and 675 clinical

68 weeks

approximately 16 months


The mission of the PN program is to prepare clinically and culturally competent practical nurses whose practice embodies effective interpersonal relationships with patients, health care team members, and the community.


The LPN Nurse will be able to provide quality care to clients with different levels of nursing care needs and provide comforting care to dying clients.

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After completion of the program, the students will be awarded a Diploma in Practical Nursing.

Tuition & Fees

The student will also be responsible for any additional fees which may apply throughout the life of the program. These fees are payable at the time they become applicable, and may include but are not limited to:

  • Clinical Eligibility Requirements and Licensure (Level II background check, physical exam, 10-panel drug screen, liability insurance, board application, and PearsonVue exam fee)


End of Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Applies the nursing process to promote a safe and healing environment for the client.
  2. Delivers high-quality and safe healthcare to long-term and chronic care clients.
  3. Collaborates with members of the health care team to improve client outcomes.
  4. Advocates for nursing interventions that honor a client’s preferences and cultural values.
  5. Utilizes evidence-based nursing interventions within the LPN scope of practice.

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My professors provided personalized education in a small group setting which allowed me to ask questions. The classes are interactive which help you learn.
- Ariadne Finale, Bachelor of Science in Nursing



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