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Do not postpone a better future

Our programs are designed to give individuals, who are interested in a career opportunity in the medical field, the correct tools and knowledge to pursue their goals.

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Programs are open to individuals who have the sincere desire for an education and career development. Antigua College International admits applicants from all cultural, racial, religious, and ethnic groups, and does not deny admission or discriminate based on race, age, creed, gender identity, ethnicity, disability, or national origin. Applicants are enrolled based on full compliance of requirements as described in the Catalog.

Individuals interested in attending Antigua College International must meet with a college admission representative. Applicants will receive a tour of the facilities at the time of the visit. If the person decides to enroll, he or she will complete an Enrollment Agreement and will be referred to the Finance department. A student wishing to apply for registration in any program is permitted to attend one class session prior to completing an enrollment agreement.

While the curriculum is the same regardless of the shift a student attends, the same class may not be offered in both shifts at the same time. Students receive the same information and orientation; however, the clinical externship component of the program require a rotating schedule. This is designed to afford each student equal opportunities to benefit from the various clinical experiences.

It is recognized by the college that students choose their sessions to accommodate domestic obligations (family or work). However, certain examinations, events, externships/clinical and make-up days might be held on weekends or at times other than that of the student’s preferred schedule. The students must be prepared to adjust their personal schedules to comply with the demands of their chosen program of study and its externship/clinical requirements.

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Do not postpone a better future
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