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At Antigua College International, we prioritize creating a learner-centered culture in our classrooms. Our curriculum is designed to facilitate active learning strategies that are based on evidence-based practices. These strategies help students gain nursing knowledge, apply it, and develop the clinical judgment needed for nursing practice.
Our students learn nursing concepts and theory better through practical activities, discussions, and problem-solving tasks. This helps them apply their skills effectively.


Our curriculum includes a nursing theory component that teaches students the essential concepts and principles of nursing practice. This knowledge allows our students to understand the rationale behind their actions when caring for patients. We give our students theoretical knowledge through research and evidence-based practices, which they use in practical actions.


To develop clinical judgment and reasoning skills, Antigua College International offers state-of-the-art clinical-learning laboratories. These facilities are equipped with patient-simulation mannequins, allowing students to practice essential nursing skills individually and in groups. Students learn in a supportive and engaging environment, guided by experienced nurse educators. This helps them prepare for real-life patient care situations.


We believe that hands-on experience is vital to a comprehensive nursing education. We give our students a wide range of clinical experiences by partnering with top healthcare providers in the community. Under the supervision of experienced clinical faculty, our students have the opportunity to work with real patients and their families in various healthcare settings, such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, and more. This exposure allows them to explore different specialties and settings, ensuring they graduate as competent and confident nurses.

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