Clinical Experience

General Policy

The Clinical Experience is a cooperative effort between the college, students, and clinical facilities. In this portion of the program, students can demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have learned via the didactic portion of the program in a supervised real-world environment. It can be delivered in a combination of field-based assignments in a health care setting (External Clinical Experience) and campus-delivered clinical experience incorporating actual or simulated patient care (Internal Clinical Experience).

Students will incur additional fees for clinical placement that may include charges for health records, vaccinations, background checks, etc. depending on the site’s requirements. The college maintains general liability insurance on all students and faculty while at clinical sites; however, students are required to purchase additional liability insurance at their own expense. All required documentation must be completed and submitted to the Clinical Coordinator prior to any assignment.

All clinical hours must be completed as outlined by the course syllabus. Students must successfully complete all clinical requirements to complete the program. Students must make themselves available to accommodate the site’s requirements, not their schedules and personal lives to complete the clinical hours. ACI will make every attempt to accommodate students during the clinical portions of the program; however, clinical hours, schedules, and/or sites are not assigned at the student’s discretion, rather by the college and the site and at their sole discretion.

If the college determines that the student is not reliable for any reason including absences, the student may be removed from the site and may be dismissed from the program. Students will not displace existing site personnel, nor can a student complete clinical hour at his/her place of employment for pay.

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